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July 2016

engaging the core

The 10 minute Pilates routine you can do at home this summer

Anyone with children or grandchildren will know that the long summer holidays have now started and all the activity planning that it entails!  For parents it can also mean that your regular Pilates class may not be on or you can’t attend a class as regularly.  Our clients always say that when they miss a routine

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Bodhi Suspension System

Spotlight on…The New Bodhi Suspension System

The Bodhi Suspension System is an exciting piece of equipment has been very recently developed by a US-based Pilates instructor, Khita Whyatt, with over 20 years’ experience in her field.  The word Bodhi originates in Buddhism and roughly translates to ‘awaken’.  With the Bodhi Suspension System, Khita has created a new way to combine precision and

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