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Banish that winter Cold & those achy joints….

  Right, it’s now officially miserable outside isn’t it.  It also seems from speaking to friends and family that the common cold and in some cases flu have started doing their rounds and are your joints a little less flexible and a little more creaky?  What do you do to try to keep all those nasty

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Embrace Autumn and Thrive

For a lot of us, the darker colder months can manifest as a low mood, craving really carb heavy and stodgy meals and as desire to just want to hibernate. Exercising and eating well can become much more difficult, and of course all of these things can really have a big impact on our health and

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Moves to make the Menopause work for you.

Menopause is a time of change – nothing new learnt there.  There are hormonal fluctuations, a loss of bone density, and best of all – weight gain!  These are just a few of the fun outcomes you can expect. Keeping a healthy lifestyle will help you feel better through this changing time in your life. Strength

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Posture – Frequently asked questions

  We know how important posture is, and more importantly how detrimental it can be to have bad posture.  Whether sitting, standing or moving how you hold yourself is everything.  Our Pilates courses are tailored just for you, we work with your body and your body’s strengths and we work on improving its weaknesses.  Posture is

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Bring back the routine….

  Have the summer holidays quietly dislodged your usual fitness routine, so that now it’s a little all over the shop, as is your motivation? It’s so easily done, we’ve all been there, but now, before the lack of routine and somewhat reluctance to snap it back takes over, here are some tips and ideas that we

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Liven up your Leaves!

Summer (yes it is still summer!) is the perfect time to start swapping your main meals for fresh, nutritious salads, but sometimes salads do get a bit of a bad rep and if they’re made up of the same standard ingredients day in, day out they’re not going to excite or entice – are they? Luckily,

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Simple Summer Stretches

The summer holidays are in full swing – we should all be in the circus with the amount of juggling we do over the summer months…!   If you are struggling to find time to fit in your classes or longer routines we’ve put together some easy to follow and super effective exercises if done regularly.

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Teacher Training

    “ We are over the halfway mark now in our training and the time has gone in a flash. So quickly it is really scary! Somehow, despite it seeming unlikely at the start, exercises are starting to stick in the memory. There is no time to relax however as Kirsten keeps up the pressure

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dance & pilates

Sport & Pilates Series: Dance

Many people believe that Pilates was created for dancers but in fact, that’s not quite true. When Joseph Pilates opened his first studio in New York in 1926 with his wife Clara, he shared the building with the New York City Ballet. By way of a happy coincidence, that’s why so many dancers took up Pilates

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Client story: Martin Hunt

We’re very proud to feature our client, Martin Hunt, and his Pilates journey with us. Martin underwent spinal surgery back in 2002 and in the last three-plus years, has transformed what his body is capable of doing, thanks to Pilates. It’s been a pleasure for Kirsten to help Martin, and now it’s over to him to

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