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Banish that winter Cold & those achy joints….


Right, it’s now officially miserable outside isn’t it.  It also seems from speaking to friends and family that the common cold and in some cases flu have started doing their rounds and are your joints a little less flexible and a little more creaky?  What do you do to try to keep all those nasty germs at bay and keep those joints fluid in movement?

We can blame, to a certain extent,  children at school and nursery who kindly drag some home with them, on occasion even twice over the course of the colder months which is even nicer…  But there are ways in which we can try to fight them.

The common cold is called the rhinovirus—the culprit behind your sore throat, tiresome cough, and flattening fatigue.  Just because it’s colder outside, it’s not normally the cold that gives us this virus, but more to do with lifestyle changes at this time of year; less exercise, heated rooms, and being in enclosed spaces around others’ germs.  Here’s our suggestions:

Fix it –Boost your immune system, not only with obvious dietary suggestions, but also with foods that are specifically high in vitamin C and zinc, such as avocadoes, blackberries, seeds and broccoli. Wash your hands regularly and be sure to dry them well; wet hands are more likely to spread germs than dry ones. Avoid alcohol (or reduce it!) maybe try some Ginger Tea…it doesn’t have quite the same affect but it’ll help with the immune system!  Ginger can help stave off prevalent winter ailments like bronchitis, thanks to its ability to inhibit respiratory bugs from attaching to cells. And keep on keeping on: Exercise is one of the easiest, most effective ways to bolster your body’s natural defense mechanisms – walking, jogging, a gym class and of course Pilates.

Now, those achy joints, what can we do to ease the ache?

Fix it –It may seem odd but joint pain can be relieved by moving those joints. Merely going for a walk can increase function and mobility, while staying inactive may reduce your range of motion and escalate joint paint. Additionally, consider the inclusion of vitamin D in your diet and as a supplement—not only to ward off weight gain (yes it does!) but also to decrease inflammation, which can lead to sensitivity and pain, and to support overall bone health.

Let’s try to keep as healthy and mobile as we can this winter.