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Client story: Martin Hunt


We’re very proud to feature our client, Martin Hunt, and his Pilates journey with us. Martin underwent spinal surgery back in 2002 and in the last three-plus years, has transformed what his body is capable of doing, thanks to Pilates. It’s been a pleasure for Kirsten to help Martin, and now it’s over to him to explain:

Having had successful spinal surgery in 2002 after a ruptured disc and years of back pain, I was able to return to an active lifestyle. This included cycling, weight training and normal family activities, which had become difficult for several years prior to my operation.

However, I continued to suffer with some pain and discomfort – I saw physios on a regular basis and had some minor follow-up surgery. Eventually, I saw an excellent chiropractor who strongly suggested that I needed to strengthen my core with Pilates. My first reaction was that this was only for ladies and not for me! How wrong I was! After three and a half years of classes with Kirsten, my mobility has been transformed and I am now generally pain free. I feel great. The Pilates regime, which Kirsten has devised and supervised since I began the classes, has strengthened my core. In turn this has helped to free me of the constant aches and pains that were a feature before I started. I have made the journey to a Pilates evangelist thanks to Kirsten and her team.

If you think you would benefit from Pilates to help you rehab or strengthen any weak areas, please call, email or speak to one of us.