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04 – Wake up & move

A wonderful class to mobilise your body in the morning or after a long day spent seated. You will need a mat and ball for this class. Duration is 46 mins Starting with some breathing and free movement on the feet – warming up shoulders, knees ankles, roll down into plank, walking out into stretch, but

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03 – Magic ring workout

This class focuses on using the Pilates magic ring to challenge all areas of the body for a very effective workout! Needed for this class: Mat, Magic ring. Duration: 50 mins Using the magic circle for a different type of resistance.  Beginning on the feet for some plies and gentle squats working the arms too.  Coming

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02 – You’re on a roll

A great class to open up the chest, challenge the core, activate the glutes and leave you feeling stretched out and more open Needed for this class: Mat, roller, weights, band, ball. Duration 50 mins Start focusing on your breath, whilst engaging the pelvic floor and abdominals and balancing on the roller!  Arms series on the

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01 – Standing arms free weights!

Needed for this class: Mat, weights, ball, band. A great all round workout, focusing on strengthening all areas of the body Focus: arms, shoulders, spinal articulation abs, legs and ankles Duration: 52 mins Warm up on the feet thinking about correct alignment and posture whilst working the arms, this can also be performed with no weights

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