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Goodbye to Maria…

Maria with a client
Maria with a client

I’m really sad to say that Maria will be leaving us in August to focus on running her new business studio in Hampton Wick.

Maria and I have worked closely for just over eight years, starting when I took a few weeks off when pregnant with Alfie! She has been a complete rock to me and I would never have been able to grow The Pilates Suite without her total support and dedication to her teaching, and to all the clients she has met over time.  I can’t thank her enough.  She has total commitment to each and everyone that walks through the studio door.  I know that she will be very much missed by us all. We aren’t saying goodbye, as I know that we will still have a very strong working relationship and I wish her all the best in building the business in Hampton.

Please don’t panic (Friday clients)! I know how you all feel when you have built such a close bond with a teacher over several years – yet a change can be a positive opportunity, to learn new exercises and build on things you have been doing for years.  I will be covering Fridays from September until we find the right person to take over or until the new teachers are trained!  An email will go out soon regarding slight time changes, especially to later classes on Fridays.

Maria’s last days is 11th August and I’m organising a ‘goodbye’ drinks gathering for her on Friday 4th August at 2pm.

Kirsten Harle
Founder, The Pilates Suite