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Meet the Team

Kirsten Harle - Founder and Principal Farnham

Kirsten is a highly experienced Pilates instructor, fully certified by The Pilates Foundation UK after completing a comprehensive Pilates syllabus covering Anatomy, Physiology, Exercises and Learning approaches, under the tutelage of one the UK’s leading teachers, Mehg Hoffman.

Fully trained in both mat and the use of state-of-the-art Pilates equipment, Kirsten provides an holistic and tailored approach to mastering Pilates for total wellbeing. She trained with Emma Newman, founder of BarreConcept at The Pilates Union, the first course in the UK to gain accreditation, and became one of the first instructors in the UK.

Prior to establishing The Pilates Suite, Kirsten trained as a professional dancer performing in numerous West End theatre productions, and also held a directorship role in Surrey for Stagecoach Theatre Arts schools, helping individuals achieve their lifetime goals and aspirations.

The Pilates Suite - Kirsten Harle

Anne Crotty

Anne trained as a beauty therapist and worked at Grayshott Health Spa for several years before changing career. Always an active person and a horse rider from childhood, mat Pilates classes became a regular part of her life wherever she happened to be and then additionally equipment after finding the Pilates Suite Studio.

Having been a client with Kirsten for many years and experiencing for herself the many benefits of regular Pilates practice to life in general and in particular to the core strength required to be an effective competitive rider she decided to train to become a teacher. With the Pilates Suite offering a comprehensive training in classic Pilates for both equipment and mat she became one of the first teachers to gain the qualification. Anne has also undergone specific training with the APPI to develop her knowledge and expertise in spinal issues, in particular scoliosis.

The Pilates Suite - Anne Crotty

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