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Pilates for the over 50s

Pilates & the over 50s

Whether you’re struggling with injuries and pain, have asymmetry in your body or are largely fit and healthy, Pilates enables anyone at any age and fitness level to enjoy a regular workout and a set of unique stretches to help them make the most of life.

Everyone in our team thinks of themselves as very lucky because we teach a discipline where it’s never too late for those in later life to start.  Pilates provides a safe and varied environment to perform gentle weight-bearing and non-load-bearing exercises, plus a range of stretches and movements that can be tailored to suit you as an individual.  Each session will also strengthen your core area and pelvic floor.

Pilates equipment challenges your balance and improves posture, both of which become harder as we age and works all the muscle groups to build, halt or reverse muscle wastage or osteoporosis.  They work the body at varying heights, from standing, sitting, lying and so on, so if it’s difficult for a client to get on or up from the floor, they are equivalent exercises in different positions.  Each piece of equipment is also very helpful for strengthening areas of the body that are prone to injury and for combating any stiff joints, including those caused by arthritis.

As we all move through the decades, it’s so important to actively manage and take care of our bodies, to ensure we remain flexible and strong and remain confident in our everyday movements around the home and out and about.  We hear from older men and women who can lose confidence in walking with their head up or walking up and down the stairs without holding on.  Pilates is excellent for retraining the body to ‘operate’ as it did when they were younger, and if something does go wrong, to recover more quickly.

You can even ‘take’ some exercises home: practising even two or three each morning will help ease aches and pains, improving general mobility around the body and gradually strengthening any weaknesses.  It’s also good to form other little habits like foot peels and squeezing a cushion between the knees while sitting at your laptop.

Finally, Pilates also has an added benefit of improving memory and focus as you learn new exercises and movements regularly, and you could meet some new friends as those in your classes at our studios in Farnham and Hampton Wick will be going through a similar experience.  So what’s stopping you?!