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Pilates trainee update: the first three months

Anne and Jess

As most of you already know, Kirsten started the first teacher training course almost three months ago.  Here she talks about how it’s going and for the two trainees and what clients may see as they continue their training:

I’ve wanted to teach and train new Pilates teachers for some time, so I was delighted to complete my teacher training exam and get started.  It’s so lovely that the first two trainees are people that I and many of our clients already knew. Some of you may have met Anne and Jess in a studio class already, as they have been joining sessions, assisting alongside myself and Maria.

Their course is an intensive option taking 12 months, with both practical and written examinations at the end.  It means that if they’re successful, they’ll be fully qualified as both mat and studio teachers, which gives them a lot more options as new teachers.

Although Jess and Anne have been clients for several years and really thought they knew all the various exercises inside out, they’ve both been surprised at how many exercises there are, the level of detail that they must study for each exercise – which they must draw in detail, according to each breath!  This is before they learn all about rehabilitation and all the different idiosyncrasies that every client will of course have!

Anne said: We’ve been training since April and it’s been quite an experience.  Training is a mixture of brain overload and panic, combined with enjoyment and a real sense of achievement – when the order of both the  breathing and movements of an exercise finally enter your head, and leave your mouth in the right order so I can explain it to someone else!  I would like to say thank you to everyone I’ve met when I have been observing and ‘helping’ Kirsten and Maria for being so supportive.

In September, I’ll be asking a few clients to act as ‘bodies’ for Anne and Jess so they can create case studies for their course.  This will involve 10 hourly sessions with Jess or Anne in the studio, in addition to normal booked classes. The 10 extra sessions will be free of charge, so if you’re interested please speak to me about getting involved!