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Posture – Frequently asked questions


We know how important posture is, and more importantly how detrimental it can be to have bad posture.  Whether sitting, standing or moving how you hold yourself is everything.  Our Pilates courses are tailored just for you, we work with your body and your body’s strengths and we work on improving its weaknesses.  Posture is something we all need to work on and be more aware of in our daily routines.

A lot of us spend time at our laptops working from day to day, we also spend too much time looking down at our phones and tablets…it all takes its toll.  Here are some frequently asked questions about do’s and don’t’s:

Anne and Jess

Should I sit on a swiss ball at my desk?

You can, but you can still have poor posture on these balls. Plus, when you’re tired there’s no support for your spine. If you really want to use one, I suggest alternating between a good, supportive desk chair and a fit ball every hour or two. Ditch the swiss ball around the 3 pm slump.

Are heels bad for my posture?

Yes, it’s not recommended you wear them for prolonged periods of time. They can increase the sway in your lower back putting pressure on your spine if your core isn’t strong enough. If you can hold position 4 of the posture tips, you should be fine if you’re just wearing them for a short period of time.

How should I sit at my desk?

A good desk chair is designed to support your spine. Sit with your bottom all the way back in the chair, sit up tall so your entire spine is resting on the backrest, and push your chair in all the way under your desk until you’re comfortable. Sitting forward in a chair, or far away from your desk encourages bad posture and leads to back pain.

What’s the best workout to improve my posture?

Our Pilates classes will definitely help improve your strength and posture. If you’re not already a convert, read about the benefits of Pilates.  They can emphasise good spinal stability and elongate the spine, so you’ll be standing taller in no time….and you’ll feel fantastic!

Call or e-mail us, come in for an assessment and start your journey to a better posture today!