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Spotlight on…The New Bodhi Suspension System

Bodhi Suspension System
Photo courtesy of Balanced Body®

The Bodhi Suspension System is an exciting piece of equipment has been very recently developed by a US-based Pilates instructor, Khita Whyatt, with over 20 years’ experience in her field.  The word Bodhi originates in Buddhism and roughly translates to ‘awaken’.  With the Bodhi Suspension System, Khita has created a new way to combine precision and movement with suspension training.  It’s best to think of it as a cross between Pilates and the widely-used gym suspension equipment, TRX.

The Bodhi Suspension System challenges your body’s overall alignment and core muscles even more than the TRX, as it removes the body’s ability to partly rest on the floor or a solid piece of equipment.  Using one, two, three or four possible points of suspension that are hung from a frame or ceiling, can challenge all four limbs instead of two like with the TRX.

A workout that incorporates the Bodhi Suspension System develops all-body strength and flexibility, firing up your core and awakening the many and very important little supporting muscles in the body, to ensure that the larger muscle groups aren’t overworked or become tight.  We’re excited to say that this innovative system is now set up in both our Farnham and Hampton Wick studios.  To try it out as part of our studio classes in either location, please contact us.