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Spotlight on…The Orbit

The Orbit

The newest and most compact addition to the Pilates equipment family is the Orbit.  Think of it as a mini mat or reformer on wheels!  Its’ unique ability is to challenge the body in multiple planes and improve all-body strength and flexibility, which really gives it universal appeal.

Various movements and exercises are enhanced beyond the mat. For example, for clients that find certain exercises fairly easy to perform on the mat, they’ll find them a lot more challenging when on the Orbit.  The Pilates bridge, where you articulate each segment of the spine up and down with control, becomes a much more advanced move on the Orbit, requiring a high level of body awareness and core strength.  And a side plank, with the moving surface of the Orbit under your elbow, or a plank balancing your feet or hands on it are extremely challenging!

This little board can be used for a whole body workout, testing the shoulders, arms, core, glutes, legs and even feet.  And it’s extremely effective for stretching, as we find our clients can gradually lengthen out various tight or overworked muscles as the wheels move further from the body.

So whether you’re sitting, lying, or balancing a limb on the moving board, your core strength and balance will be tested – especially if you use two at the same time!

Unlike many of the other pieces of Pilates equipment, we do advise that it’s best to have some experience in Pilates and a good level of core strength before incorporating the Orbit into your fitness routine.  You can try the Orbit in our studio Pilates classes, so just ask if you’d like to challenge your body further with the exercises that you now consider to be basic.