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Spotlight on…The Pilates Reformer

Pilates Reformer

The Reformer, developed by Joseph Pilates, is the original, probably most well-known and easily available of the equipment which can be used to take Pilates to a more dynamic and challenging level.

The principles of mat Pilates remain the same when using the Reformer.  By this we mean that clients use their breathing, concentration and focus to move individual parts or combinations within the body – powered from the core – with precision and control.

In the form of a bed-like frame, the Reformer has a flat platform called the carriage, which is pushed or pulled on wheels within the frame using a set of springs. At that end of the Reformer is a bar which can be adjusted and used by feet or hands, and straps with handles at the other end. Using a combination and a variety of levels of resistance against the moving parts of the Reformer, clients use their body weight in challenging exercises which can be practiced by lying, sitting, kneeling, perching or standing.

It may look like an intimidating piece of machinery, but please take our word when we say it’s really not!  The Reformer is so effective for rehabilitation in the knee, hip or ankle areas.  It’s also the perfect vehicle for non-weight bearing Pilates exercises – for example anyone with an injury.

There are progressive exercises and movements for beginners through to someone with a high level of overall body strength, stamina, balance and flexibility.  The Reformer trains many parts and dynamic combinations within the body, to sculpt and challenge everyone in ways that traditional strength training or mat Pilates may not be as effective at.

To ask questions or try the Reformer in one of our studio classes in Farnham or Hampton Wick, please contact us.