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Spotlight on…The Pilates Wunda Chair

Wunda Chair

The Pilates Chair, or Wunda Chair as it’s also known, was created by Joseph Pilates.  Not just a piece of equipment to advance standard Pilates exercises, it was also found to be pretty useful when, turned upside down, it doubled up as a living room chair for compact New York apartments and lofts!  In its simplest form, the chair is a box with one side that can be pressed down against springs, like a large pedal.

You’d never guess from the simple design that it has a unique ability to make each move harder than usual, as an element of balance is often required.  There are very few lying positions with the Wunda Chair – you can for example work the pedals from lying on the floor – so this piece of equipment works clients hard as they exercise in mostly sitting, side-sitting and standing positions, both on or next to the chair and on the floor.

It provides a thorough workout for the core, arms, lower back and legs, and again all the exercises can be very challenging, requiring a great deal of balance and correct posture in order to achieve them.  There’s also a bar which has two parts, so each side of the body can work independently, which helps with clients needing rehabilitation.  The spine stretch and ‘push down’ moves are also excellent for ensuring clients gently and gradually stretch every section of their spine on a regular basis.

The Wunda Chair really is unique, making any equipment-based Pilates class more interesting, and you can try it out as part of our studio classes in Farnham and Hampton Wick.