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Pregnancy & Pilates

Pilates during pregnancy…and beyond

Like the eventual children women give birth to, every pregnancy is unique.  At The Pilates Suite, we support, participate in and advocate a varied fitness routine. When it comes to pregnancy, we really do believe that Pilates is the very best fitness activity that all women can do from pre-conception all the way through to birth, then

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Pilates for parents – tips and advice

Parenting is a journey unique to every family, but one thing parents all have in common is that it changes their lives entirely!  One of the many ways it does so is in the physical demands that are placed on Mum and Dad’s bodies, and with it being half term for many children this week, now

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Pilates & the over 50s

Pilates for the over 50s

Whether you’re struggling with injuries and pain, have asymmetry in your body or are largely fit and healthy, Pilates enables anyone at any age and fitness level to enjoy a regular workout and a set of unique stretches to help them make the most of life. Everyone in our team thinks of themselves as very lucky

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engaging the core

Talking about…engaging the core and the pelvic floor

If you attend Pilates classes and practice the exercises, you’ll know that it’s all about understanding and harnessing the strength and power that comes from our core (the torso area of the body).  This helps us to function well in everyday life, when we’re walking and sitting and also in our sporting activities. Our core muscles are

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