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We are over the halfway mark now in our training and the time has gone in a flash. So quickly it is really scary! Somehow, despite it seeming unlikely at the start, exercises are starting to stick in the memory. There is no time to relax however as Kirsten keeps up the pressure and we move onto more advanced teaching. Everyone is so supportive and that is a great help so thank you”.

These are Anne’s own words.

Jess and Anne still have a lot to cover – so there is no slacking!

They have completed mat case studies and now have to do studio case studies which means seeing 2 clients (chosen by Kirsten) each for 10 weeks for an hour at a time. They will be writing full lesson plans, making evaluations and meeting targets. This will be the first time they will have no teacher to guide them.

I am sure they have gained a lot by teaching alongside myself and Elena and enjoyed getting to know clients and realising how hard it is both physically and mentally. This month they will start to teach two clients at a time and over the next few months they will learn to teach three clients at a time – a real challenge – of course assisted by myself. This is one of the hardest parts of teaching at the Pilates Suite as each client is on a different piece of apparatus, each at a different level, and each has to be watched and kept busy – in fact needing eyes in the back of your head! It is therefore vital to fully know the syllabus but also be able to adapt the exercise if a client comes in with a bad back or bad knee etc.

During half term Jess came in to teach a complimentary mat class, although she was very nervous, she did an excellent job as it is always daunting standing up in front of a class and explaining each exercise rather than demonstrating it.

After speaking to a client who has experienced teaching from both trainees, they have said how good they both are, whilst each being different, she is sure they will become very good competent teachers.

In the New Year they will continue their teaching practice by teaching Springboard Classes. These are classes of 3 on boards attached to the wall with springs on them for added resistance – I suppose you could call it mat classes with a machine! Do sign up – we will keep you posted of class times.