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Why Pilates?

The Pilates Suite - Why Pilates

Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility and support of efficient graceful movement.

Born in Germany in 1883, Joseph developed a technique to strengthen both body and mind after suffering ill health as a child. By working body and mind simultaneously, Joseph believed he could cure illness and disease. He went on to develop his technique to rehabilitate soldiers during the war and afterwards opened a studio in New York City that attracted well-known dancers.

Pilates has since been developed and modified to provide a modern approach to exercise. Taught correctly, it can dramatically transform the way your body feels, looks and performs, building strength without unwanted bulk.

It teaches body awareness, good posture and easy graceful movements, and can greatly reduce muscle pain.

Unlike many other forms of exercise, Pilates works extremely well for a wide and diverse range of individuals with varying needs, from the very young to the older generation, people undergoing physical rehabilitation, pregnant women (both pre and post-natal), sportspeople, athletes and dancers.

The Pilates Suite - Is Pilates for me

Is Pilates for me?

Classical Pilates is proven to be beneficial for men and women, young and older and for people with a whole range of physical needs, including rehabilitation and pregnancy. Pilates is a system of body conditioning that is both gentle and athletic, known for its ‘feel good’ and body transforming results.

Regular Pilates sessions will deliver:

– Improved posture
– Strengthened and toned muscles – without unwanted bulk
– Flexibility and muscle control
– Alignment, coordination and control
– Increased lung capacity
– Improved body awareness

As well as feeling better and more energised, it is also an opportunity for our clients to escape from the ongoing pressures of daily life and unwind, as you focus on the detailed movements of Pilates, in the peaceful setting of our studios.

The Pilates Suite - Pilates for men

Pilates for Men

Although Pilates exercise tends to be more associated with women than men, more men are taking up Pilates to improve their fitness and wellbeing as well as for other reasons including rehabilitation. After all, Pilates was invented by a man, originally for male soldiers, and since then has been used by many elite male athletes and other sportsmen.
Pilates can be especially beneficial for men whose typical workouts are often about muscular development through weightlifting and contact sport. Pilates sessions are a terrific complement because they focus on core strength, for example building the deep muscles of the trunk to protect and strengthen the back. This makes Pilates an excellent technique for whole-body fitness and rehabilitation, as well as a foundation for cross-training and other sports.
The Pilates Suite - Ante and Post Natal Pilates

Ante & Post Natal Pilates

Exercise prior to, during and following pregnancy, can be extremely beneficial, not only for health reasons but to get your body quite literally back into shape.

Pilates is a safe and enjoyable way for women to remain toned, help with essential breathing during labour and stay relaxed and healthy throughout pregnancy, bringing benefits both to you and your new baby.

During each trimester different demands are made on your body’s posture. By exercising appropriately you will feel more comfortable as your baby develops and your body adapts.

After the birth of your baby it is beneficial to re-establish a gentle exercise programme once you have been given the OK by your general practitioner.

Pilates can help you get back in shape faster, without stressing your body.

The Pilates Suite - Rehabilitation


Pilates is an excellent form of physical exercise for rehabilitation as it focuses on strengthening the whole body and not just injured areas. Lower back pain, for instance, may be caused by misalignment elsewhere, so unless the whole spine is fixed, there may be little or absolutely no relief from pain.

Your Pilates Suite instructor will train you and your body to move in a safer and more efficient way – invaluable for recovery, continued good health and wellbeing.

Whether post-injury or post-operation, Pilates is a low impact form of exercise to build confidence, strength and correct body alignment. Our bodies often make adjustments to protect against pain and in the long term these can create even more challenges. Pilates will help you get your entire body working correctly, improving your specific issue as well as feeling better and stronger overall.

Many osteopaths recommend Pilates as a preventative measure, to avoid future problems by correcting posture, engaging muscles properly and improving motor control.

Pilates is proven to help with:

– Neck and back injuries
– Sciatica
– Shoulder injuries and tendonitis
– Hip, Ankle and knee injuries
– Parkinson’s Disease
– Multiple Sclerosis
– Fibromyalgia
– Scoliosis and other spinal injuries

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