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February 2016

engaging the core

Talking about…engaging the core and the pelvic floor

If you attend Pilates classes and practice the exercises, you’ll know that it’s all about understanding and harnessing the strength and power that comes from our core (the torso area of the body).  This helps us to function well in everyday life, when we’re walking and sitting and also in our sporting activities. Our core muscles are

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BarreConcept at Hampton Wick

Spotlight on…BarreConcept

In December last year we started the first in a series of posts about Pilates equipment and different classes.  The second article looks at the dynamic BarreConcept class.  It’s a relatively new workout, designed to give you the ultimate lean and sculpted dancer-like physique.  The exciting idea was created by fitness expert Emma Newham, who combined the

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