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Maria with a client

Goodbye to Maria…

I’m really sad to say that Maria will be leaving us in August to focus on running her new business studio in Hampton Wick. Maria and I have worked closely for just over eight years, starting when I took a few weeks off when pregnant with Alfie! She has been a complete rock to me and

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The Pilates Suite news

The Pilates Suite: Company News for 2017

Hi everyone, Over 10 years ago I founded The Pilates Suite in Hampton Wick.  I had lived in Hampton for many years but soon after founding the company my family moved to Farnham and I set up a second studio in the original barn in Wrecclesham.  Maria de Lima has been Principal in Hampton for many

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The Pilates Suite news

Festive class dates and some events news in Farnham

We hope you’re full of festive cheer and looking forward to spending plenty of time with friends and family this month.  We’re going to be taking a short blogging break between now and the New Year, but first we wanted to share a few pieces of news with you. Christmas and New Year break In Farnham

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Cycling - image from

Sports & Pilates Series…Cycling

We know many of our clients are also keen cyclists, so this latest blog in our series showing you how Pilates can assist training, is dedicated to you. Our teacher, personal trainer and spinning trainer, Jo Evans, explains all: Whether on-road, off-road or spinning, cycling can cause postural issues like rounded shoulders, called kyphosis, and neck strain, as

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Pilates & the over 50s

Pilates for the over 50s

Whether you’re struggling with injuries and pain, have asymmetry in your body or are largely fit and healthy, Pilates enables anyone at any age and fitness level to enjoy a regular workout and a set of unique stretches to help them make the most of life. Everyone in our team thinks of themselves as very lucky

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News - courtesy of

The Pilates Suite in Hampton Wick: latest news for Autumn 2016

Hi! We’ve just emailed all of our Hampton studio clients with news for the coming months.  Here are the details from Maria…  I hope that you have all enjoyed the summer break and with September here already, it may be time to get back into your weekly routines.  I’m writing with information about a studio move and

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Wunda Chair

Spotlight on…The Pilates Wunda Chair

The Pilates Chair, or Wunda Chair as it’s also known, was created by Joseph Pilates.  Not just a piece of equipment to advance standard Pilates exercises, it was also found to be pretty useful when, turned upside down, it doubled up as a living room chair for compact New York apartments and lofts!  In its simplest

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engaging the core

The 10 minute Pilates routine you can do at home this summer

Anyone with children or grandchildren will know that the long summer holidays have now started and all the activity planning that it entails!  For parents it can also mean that your regular Pilates class may not be on or you can’t attend a class as regularly.  Our clients always say that when they miss a routine

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Bodhi Suspension System

Spotlight on…The New Bodhi Suspension System

The Bodhi Suspension System is an exciting piece of equipment has been very recently developed by a US-based Pilates instructor, Khita Whyatt, with over 20 years’ experience in her field.  The word Bodhi originates in Buddhism and roughly translates to ‘awaken’.  With the Bodhi Suspension System, Khita has created a new way to combine precision and

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Pilates Cadillac

Push yourself with Pilates

It’s a common misconception to only associate Pilates as one of the ways to relieve back pain or improve muscle weaknesses.  While it’s brilliant for both these things, Pilates can equally provide an intense workout for clients of varying fitness levels with absolutely no injuries, weakness or concerns to think about. If you’ve never been to

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